Timeline of Major Events in Chinese Buddhism

Year Major Events in Chinese Buddhism 1st century CE • Historical record has it that two Buddhist monks, Kasyapa and Dharmaraksha, from India in 68 AD, arrived at...

Timeline of Tibetan Buddhist History – Major Events

Year Major Events in Tibetan Buddhism c200 C.E. • Buddhism begins to percolate into Tibetan region and teachings affect Bon religion in kingdom of Shang-Shung (South Tibet). 3rd century •...

Timeline of Theravada Buddhism – Major Events

Year Major Events in Theravada Buddhism 383 B.C.E. • The Second Council convenes in Vesali to discuss controversial points of Vinaya. The first schism of the Sangha occurs,...

Timelines of Buddhist History, Theravada, Tibetan, Japanese

Buddhist Western Major Events World Figures and Events  - 120* 6th Century B.C.E. * • Life of Siddhartha Guatama, the historical Buddha: conventional dates: 566-486 B.C.E. (According to more recent research, revised dates are: 490-410...

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